Why It’s Important To Clean Your Ducts: How Dial One Professional Will Offer You The Best Service

Air ducts are out of sight and forgotten until the air on the property starts to smell burnt, dirty or excessive coughing begins. Turning up the thermostat isn’t going to solve the problem of cleaning the air. Brushing the dust from the vents is taking care of a minor problem. The vents will become dusty very soon. These are reasons to call a professional to have the air ducts cleaned.

What Are The Benefits Of Cleaning Air Ducts?

air duct cleaning

The Toronto Air Duct Cleaning technicians from Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning will remove the particles of pollen, dust, dirt, pet dander, and mold spores and other fungi that collect in the duct. This includes the carbon residue from second hand smoke. Respiratory inflammation and asthma attacks are fewer because the air is cleaner.

Why Should The Ducts And Vents Be Cleaned?

Dial one Professional Duct Cleaning is aware of how hard an HVAC system has to work when the air ducts and vents are clogged. This increases the amount of energy the system has to use to do its job. This could results in a rise to your monthly energy bill. The HVAC systems will slowly fail to heat and cool the air from daily use. Clogged vents blow the dirt and dust into the air that has collected on dirty filters. Work out a schedule for maintenance and cleaning with our knowledgeable technicians. This will keep the systems in tip top shape.

What Other Services Does Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning™ Provide?

Our technicians will clean the dust, dirt and other particles that stick to the filters, fan blades and motors of air conditioners in the HVAC systems.

Commercial duct cleaning

Our technicians are trained and qualified to remove debris from heat exchangers, coils, drip pans and other surfaces. They will clean and remove the lint that builds up in dryer hoses. The lint will ignite from the intense heat and cause smoke damage, fire or loss of life. They will clean or replace damaged filters in Air Duct Cleaning Toronto, Canada.

Why Choose Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning™ Service?

Our company is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Homestars have ranked us in the top of the list for duct cleaning in Toronto for the past nine years. Our technicians have a minimum of five to more than 20 years of servicing residential and commercial buildings. Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning uses state-of-the-art powerful vacuums that are located in their trucks. Our technicians are friendly and courteous and they will explain how the ducts will be cleaned. They will also remove their shoes before they enter your home and cover the furniture and floors with a cloth for protection from debris.

Call Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning™ at 416-896-4799 today. Let us apply our knowledge, expertise and more than fifteen years experience in the industry for a professional air duct cleaning in your home.

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