Why A Clean And Well Maintained Furnace Is A Must This Winter

Something That You Might Have Noticed About Our Canadian Winters

Why A Clean And Well Maintained Furnace Is A Must This Winter

They’re long. In some winters that snow and ice can really pile up. And yes, they can be quite cold. For all of these reasons, it’s not only essential that Canadian households have a heating system, but one that is well maintained. This doesn’t just mean that it’s in good repair, or that you’re keeping a path shoveled out for heating fuel delivery people, important as those things are. It also means making sure that your home’s heating system is thoroughly, regularly, and professionally cleaned.

Why Your Heating System Needs Cleaning

No surface is immune to grime and dust, and that includes your furnace. What you consider your home’s furnace is in fact only its outer housing, and unfortunately, insidious dirt doesn’t just come to rest there. The mechanics of heating systems involves drawing in air, which also draws in dirt and dust into furnace ducts. Soot and corrosion also are created within a furnace over time as part of its normal working process. This causes residue buildup to the point where it can cause multiple problems concerning the functioning of the home’s heating system. One of these is financial. If enough grime builds up within the furnace and causes blockage, it can damage furnace parts such as the furnace’s motor and heater exchanges, leading to expensive repairs. Or the heater may struggle on but not as efficiently, leading to grater heating costs. And another problem is literally life threatening. An improperly maintained furnace can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It can also lead to heat roller burnout. In this situation, fuel is created by dirt, soot, and corrosion buildups. In some heaters, such as gas ones, this buildup provides an accelerant that leads to “flare ups” that leads to not only the furnace, but the home itself catching on fire.

How Should A Furnace Be Cleaned?


Again, while most homeowners think of their furnace as that blocky metal thing in the basement, it’s actually a more complicated and extensive system than that. In order to pump warm air throughout your home, a furnace employs air ducts, a complex arrangement of piping, hoses, and vents. In addition to the furnace’s duct system, many furnaces have among their components coils, fans, heat exchangers, blowers, and filters. Any one of these items can fail if not maintained properly and cleaned regularly. Cleaning is done professionally with a special “dusting” and “washing” (with pressurized air) process.

How Often Should My Furnace Be Cleaned, And Why Isn’t This A DIY Job?

A home heating system with no other issues should be cleaned once a year, before the start of the winter home heating season. As part of this cleaning, a general inspection of the entire system should be done, and any needed repairs or component replacements should be made at that time. Because an improper furnace cleaning or repair can not only be costly but life threatening, only certified technicians from licensed companies such as Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning should be doing them. By calling us at 416-896-4799, Toronto residents are assured of professional, reliable service that will keep homes safer, lower heating bills, and make it easier to enjoy those long, chilly, Canadian winters.

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