Tips when Installing Dryer Vents

Tips when Installing Dryer VentsDryer vent plays an important role in a household so it is best that a home should have at least a dryer vent especially when It comes to drying your clothes. Installation of dryer vents can be easy as long as you know the tips on how to do it.

First of all, you need to know whether your duct is functioning or not. It doesn’t matter if you have existing vent or you want to upgrade or replace it. Always make sure that the duct is perfectly running. Put in mind also that the shorter is the duct and the lesser are the turns or curves, the better it is.

You can measure the shortest route for the vent. You will need a measuring tool in order to be more accurate on your distance. For outdoor installation, drilling a pilot hole after can also help you in testing whether there is a smooth flow on the path you have chosen for the duct.

When you decide to have it indoor, you will cut the vent on the desired length to connect it with the dryer and also with the duct.

For advance dryers, you may want to install it with a non-clogging dryer vent hood for it to be more efficient. Always consider your safety so make sure to wear protective gears and mask and use proper tools when cutting or holing. Installation will also be easier if you have a guided diagram that has a step by step guide with pictures for every step to do.

But if you are not confident that you can be able to install your own dryer vent, always seek for professional help just to assure the quality and effectiveness of your dryer vent. This will also save your time and effort.

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