Tips for Easier Cleaning Aged Furnaces

Tips for Easily Cleaning Aged FurnacesFurnace cleaning might be seen as an overwhelming task by many individuals, but this does not erase the fact that cleaning furnaces regularly is needed to keep it on a perfect working condition. It is therefore important for those who own furnaces, especially those older units, how to properly clean them. Listed below are very useful tips to ensure that the cleaning process you do on your furnace unit is correct.

1. Your furnace unit’s power supply must be cut off; therefore your breaker’s switch must be turned off. The furnace’s fuel supply must also be shut down. Shutting down everything ensures your safety from accidental power on of your unit during your cleaning process.

2. Once you have double checked that everything is shut down, it is now time to do the vacuuming. Vacuum the furnace carefully so as to prevent any displacement in the wires. After vacuuming, reach out to the hard-to-reach areas in the unit and remove any dust using a soft-bristled brush. Vacuum the area again so as to ensure that the area is spic and span from dust particles.

3. Locate the furnace blower, and remove it. Clean the blower by first removing any dust that has built up in it. A soft-bristled brush, cotton swab, or toothpick may suffice to clean it. Just make sure that every dust particle build-up has been removed in all surfaces of the blower.

4. Your furnace’s ventilator also needs cleaning. This ensures that air going in is of good quality, and free from dust.

5. Once the ventilator and blower parts are cleaned, it is now time to place them back together. After that, turn the power supply, as well as the others that were turned off, on and keep everything running for at least 20 minutes. This lets you observe the unit for any problems that you may have done during the cleaning. Double check especially the wirings so that no connections have been made loose and displaced before you place them back together.

6. After double checking everything and assured that your unit is running perfectly, the last thing that you shall do is to place the furnace’s front panel back to its original position.

These steps, according to furnace cleaning experts in Toronto, may need to be done at least twice a year to be assured of a furnace that is not only clean but is also effective in delivering heat to your home.

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