There are Good Reasons to Keep Your Furnace Clean

Your furnace is probably tucked away in your basement or a closet or in the corner of your laundry room. So it’s understandable that dirt build-up would go unnoticed. Most people don’t think about the need for maintaining a clean furnace. A furnace can accumulate a lot of dirt over time due to infrequent filter changes, low-quality filters, dust, dirt or pet hair in the air, or a harsh winter that requires increased use of the furnace.

There are Good Reasons to Keep Your Furnace Clean

Happy Furnace, Happy Life

There are a few big benefits of having a clean furnace. First, a dirty or clogged vent puts tremendous strain on your furnace, requiring it to work harder and less efficiently, burning more energy just to do its job. Keeping your furnace clean will avoid these problems and allow your heating system to operate smoothly, keeping your utility bills reasonable.

Second, the quality of air in your home will improve; after all, a furnace is the source of your heat. If it gets too dirty or dusty, then the air that circulates in the vents will be contaminated. Dust particles and other airborne contaminants can make you sick and aggravate the symptoms of Asthma and allergies.

Third, if you don’t keep your furnace clean, dirt can build up on different components of your heating system. A dirty air filter will diminish the airflow of your furnace, forcing your blower motor to work harder than normal to make up for it. Also, dirt accumulation on your blower’s blades can weigh them down and reduce their efficiency.

Finally, if a furnace is improperly maintained or if it is defective, it can produce dangerous carbon monoxide, and is more likely to catch fire.

Treat Your Furnace to an Anniversary Gift

Once a year you should take some time to perform a checkup on your furnace. Routine maintenance and cleaning will help you ward off the cold, reduce utility bills low and keep your home green with energy efficiency. If you’re handy you can save some money by doing the maintenance and tune-up work yourself. Of course, make sure to look up tips, whether in books or online, before attempting to clean the furnace yourself.

There are Good Reasons to Keep Your Furnace Clean

The best things you can do to keep your furnace clean are to keep up with your filter changes and have your furnace tuned up once a year. During an annual tune-up your furnace will be completely cleaned and prepared to run safely and efficiently for winter. If you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, Dial One Duct Cleaning can help you. Just call us at 416-896-4799.

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