Telemarketers & the Duct Cleaning Industry in Toronto

Telemarketers & the Duct Cleaning Industry in Toronto Well this blog has to do with the current state of the duct cleaning industry,especially in Toronto. I’m writing this about the telemarketers. I’m positive if you own a land line you have experienced the call ” we are in your neighborhood and we have a special”.

Well first off these “companies” generally have NO clue what they are doing. In both business and in indoor air quality. These pirates have been a issue now for years, they cheapen our craft and drive the quality of your work down. First by subscribing to the “$99” duct cleaning. Quality companies have to lower their pricing down to compete to even feed they’re families. The question is to “compete” with what?

These fly by nights generally start the bait and switch routine with the hook. That’s the $99 dollars. They’ll never tell you that there will be hidden costs. Like additional vent charges,hook ups, disposal fees , furnace cleaning, disinfectant,dryer vent cleaning and many other things I can name. Generally they’ll use scare tactics to sell these services. “Kids will be sick” etc. I’ve heard of the $99 dollar duct cleaning turn into $1300. I’ve heard of fist fights with the duct cleaners and the victims. Usually because the customer really thought they were getting a deal.. The worse part for me is that 9x outta 10 those potential customers write off the duct cleaning industry off as a whole. Which is horrible! For me and my hard working colleagues.

My message is do your homework!! It will go beyond review sites and memberships to organizations. It has to experience , knowledge and equipment. These review sites these days tend to be flawed. For instance one site I’m familiar with allows they’re paid members (contractors ) to write they’re own reviews!! You got guys who accumulate hundreds of reviews,and give their own ratings. I’ve even heard of giving the customer gift cards,discounts and cash incentives to write these reviews before they leave the home. Meanwhile this guys are winning fake awards for the most reviews not on the actual work or anything related.

We are very passionate about our work and take great pride in our craft and love our customers. We are celebrating our 12th year in business and would love a chance to prove to you that we are the premier company within the GTA. Should you ever have a question about my service or anything duct related. Id love to chat with you!!

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