Are There Standards for Duct Cleaning and Cleaners?

Duct cleaning is a job that several cleaning companies offer in the greater Toronto area. But are there standards for duct cleaning and duct cleaners? According to one Occupational Health & Safety website there are no known written standards. Yet there are still codes that reputable duct cleaning companies follow, making them more desirable to hire.

Are There Standards for Duct Cleaning and Cleaners?

Making Air Quality A Top Priority

The biggest reason for clean ducts (besides keeping breathable air free from dust and debris) is to make sure mould, mildew, and aerial bacteria do not contaminate the airflow in your home. Reputable companies will make sure ducts are completely free of these substances. They will take steps to keep your household air completely clean.

Using Only Professional Tools

Duct Cleaning Kawarthas

The duct cleaning tools that get the job done right are not just everyday household tools you find at the corner hardware store. They are special tools that reach the complete interior of your ducts and remove contaminating particles without releasing unhealthy chemical toxins. High-efficiency particle air vacuuming system and cleaning supplies that can wipe down ducts without damaging them are the tools of professionals.

Certifications and Client References

Are There Standards for Duct Cleaning and Cleaners?

While there aren’t any official provincial or national official certifications for duct cleaning, air quality groups set standards that affiliated companies must follow to be recognized. You can ask if a company is affiliated one of these associations. Also request references to see the kind of service they’ve provided in the past. A quality company will be more than happy to point to clients who say, “Job well done.”

Dial One Duct Cleaning has high standards because we value our customers’ satisfaction and safety. Our company has delivered for over 15 years and we remain committed to following strict safety procedures. We are prompt and efficient. To find out more about what we offer, call us at our toll free number 1-800-679-7479, or visit our contact page.

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