Spring Cleaning: Dirty Air Ducts Equal Health Risks

Spring Cleaning Where the Eye Cannot See

Spring Cleaning: Dirty Air Ducts Equal Health Risks

Part of any commercial or residential property is that chore called ‘spring cleaning.’ Spring cleaning removes built up dust and dirt from windows, window treatments, carpeting, furniture upholstery and many other areas, including air ducts. This service should never be considered a luxury. This service is a necessity for good health. When occupants of the home or business breathe in the quality air, they feel better and perform better at work. Businesses realize a decrease in call-ins due to health issues.

Spring cleaning in Canada (and anywhere) is essential for good respiratory health. Breathing in the dust, dirt, mold, and mildews, spells trouble for the occupants of any home or business. How long has it been since you had your air ducts cleaned? Having air ducts cleaned yearly is a good thing. However, at least, every three years is also alright.

So Many Risks Lay in Dirty Air Ducts

Not only do dirty air ducts spread bacteria and germs into the air, causing a safety issue, but dirty air ducts also increase energy bills due to unseen obstructions in the air system, it attracts harmful pests such as rodents into the structure, and dirty air ducts increase the risk for fires.

You can tell how trustworthy a company is when they refuse to take any shortcuts with the services they offer. When quality and craftsmanship come first with any business, especially a business that holds health hazards at the forefront, you can trust them to do quality work for you. A quality company offers guarantees and affordable pricing on all their services. Refer to the Homestar website for reviews and comments about this company.

What Sets Good Air Duct Cleaning Companies Apart?

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An air duct cleaning company should never just hire anyone to do this job. This position requires attention to detail. This position requires specific training of employees in the removal of mold and mildew spores from air ducts. Employees are skilled in the use of substances employed in cleaning air ducts and the HVAC tools and state-of-the-art robotic cleaning to get the job done right. Employees assure these substances do 7not get into the air of the structure risking harm to adults, children, and pets. This company is NADCA certified with each employee having five to twenty or more years of job experience.

Too many air duct companies hired unskilled employees and expect them to do quality work.

Are employees certified? Is the company bonded and insured? Did the company give a written estimate for work orders? Even after all of this how do you know that an air duct cleaning company does what it says it will? When you call an air duct cleaning company, read their customer’s ‘verified’ reviews for satisfaction for a job well done. Look at that company’s ratings. No company can stay in business for nearly ten years and keep growing if they were not a trustworthy and quality company.

This type of company stands ready to serve your needs and answer all questions presented. When you place a call for service, you never have to wait days for them to come to you. The service is friendly and fast. The job they do is slower because these skilled employees use precision and accuracy.

Good Health Depends On Quick Action

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