Schedule a Check-up For Your A/C and Furnace With “Dial One Duct Cleaning Services”

Breathing Clean Air

Schedule a Check-up For Your A/C and Furnace With "Dial One Duct Cleaning Services"

The air in your lungs is only as clean as the air in your home. Keeping a clean home is difficult, and many times condominium air ducts are shared throughout the entire structure. Simply put, you are breathing in dust particles from other places then your personal living area. Shared air space in buildings re-circulates through all open spaces where air ducts are connected. Furnaces and A/C units certainly filter the re-circulated air, but a buildup of fine dust and airborne germs will accumulate and return through intake filtering system.

Many people purify the air in the home with a different air filtering system such as a portable air purifier. This is like having a double filtration system monitoring the dust particles in the air. Many airborne dust particles are not visible to the human eye but float through the air in the home and go through a recycling process if they are not removed and are re-filtered back into the air.

Things That Should Be Done On A Regular Basis

• Change furnace and A/C filters on a regular basis.
• Contact your ventilation cleaning services provider and schedule an appointment to have an inspection done on your A/C and furnace.
• Check all air intake vents for dust and pet hair accumulation.
• Check all output furnace vents for dust escaping through filters.
• Poor air filtering will influence mildew growth and poor ventilation.

Schedule a Check-up For Your A/C and Furnace With "Dial One Duct Cleaning Services"

Schedule a furnace and A/C inspection yearly to ensure your equipment is properly maintained and in good working order. Preventative maintenance saves money and extends the life of this very expensive equipment. Don’t wait for something to break down before you make that service call. Creating a working relationship with your maintenance service provider will extend the life of your ventilation appliances and equipment.

Attention should be applied to the function of the A/C and furnace filtering system when you have recently remodeled, or if someone in your complex has had extensive work performed in their condominium unit. Shared air should receive particular attention during allergy season and for people who have allergic reactions to dust, pollen or suffer from asthma. This is a time to again connect with your ventilation cleaning services representative and schedule regular inspections of your systems.

Be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your health, and especially the health and maintenance of the air you and your family breathes. Keeping the air filtering system in good working order, and filtering the air properly save an abundant amount of time in daily and weekly housekeeping while improving the health of your family.

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