How to Safely Clean Your Dryer Vents

How to Safely Clean Your Dryer VentsToday’s top reason for all the occurring home fires in North America is fires from dryer vents. Being out of sight makes dryer vents easy to ignore, but the truth is, you cannot afford ignoring it. Upon realizing that your dryer’s lint trap only removes at most an 80% of the total lint, there you can realize how important it is to clean your exhaust system. Even a once a year cleaning maintenance will suffice, as long as you give time to clean your dryer vents.

Lint removed from dryer is highly flammable; upon having the right conditions; it is a catalyst for a dryer fire, which can spread as far as into the vent system, which will then easily and rapidly spread the fire into your home. A dryer has a job in removing about ½ pounds of water, trapping lint, and forcing air into the exhaust system of your dryer. All throughout its working process, excess lint will be backed up into your dryer unit or into the exhaust-vent system. Airflow will be restricted, so the dryer will then work harder, overheating the dryer. In other words, as long as lint buildup is excessive, your dryer unit is a good candidate for causing dryer fire.

So How Do I Safely Inspect the Dryer before Cleaning?

You need to first make sure that the lint trap does not have rips, and you need to clean it before every drying cycle. If lint present on the trap is wet, it is a good time for cleaning the dryer vents. The lint screen also needs to be scrubbed, lightly, every week. Use a light, dish-washing agent in washing it.

Inspect and observe your unit’s exterior vent hood, which is located on your home’s side during operating the dryer. The flaps should be moving. Airflow should be felt too. If both factors are not present, it may be high time for not only your dryer alone but with your exhaust system to be cleaned too.

Also inspect for any lint that may have accumulated on the floor. This is another sign that a cleaning maintenance is needed by your exhaust system. Another sign is if your clothing needs another cycle to make them dry.

A warning for people who just dump their wet clothes directly into the dryer: never, ever, dry any pieces of clothing that have suspected or known flammables in them. This can ultimately cause an explosion to your dryer.

For any more information regarding cleaning dryer vents, visit the nearest dryer vent cleaning specialist in your area, such as those located in Toronto.

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