Reasons Why Buildings Need their Air Ducts to be Checked Regularly

Every building has different designs for their air ducts, depending on the size and design of the building when the air ducts were built. Of course the reason why they have air ducts is to help circulate cool air inside the building’s premises but why do building owners need to check their air ducts on a regular basis?

Protection of Employees’ and Visitors’ Health

Since a buildings air is circulated through the air ducts, it’s necessary for a company to protect its employees from getting sick due to air ducts becoming contaminated with bacteria and viruses. Since the same air has been breath and exhaled in the building many times, people who are sick can easily circulate their viruses to others through air ducts. Also since the air comes from outside, it is full of pollen, car exhaust and other pollutants. All of this adds up, and can make every employee sick, suffer from breathing problems, or at least unhappy when coming into work. Therefore air ducts should always be cleaned and the filters changed regularly to stop as many of these problems as possible.

Safety purposes

Air ducts can get damaged through general wear and tear, as well as damage and misuse. This damage can and will add to the risk of mold, dust and pollutants entering the air. Also if enough damage is caused, parts of the ducts could fall, damaging the ceiling and equipment below, as well as hurting people. Cleaning air ducts can help monitor these potential hazards.

Just make sure you hired the right air duct cleaner, because you can’t risk your safety.

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