Preparing for Winter Air Duct Cleaning

Preparing for Winter Air Duct Cleaning

Most homeowners can inspect their ducts and ensure they’re in good shape before a professional cleaning. When working on the roof, always have a partner with you for safety. Here are a few tips that will help you complete this yearly inspection:

A Yearly Check in Autumn

Preparing for Winter Air Duct Cleaning

Look at your ducts in late autumn before the snow falls. Climb to the roof with a ladder and attach a safety line to the roof. This will help prevent you from falling.

Now take a look at the ducts. Are there areas with mould or that need to be cleaned? Write down which areas are most in need of attention. This will make it easier for you and a duct cleaning professional to address these dirty areas later. You can also draw a simple map of your roof that makes it easier for a specialist to move around.

Carefully Remove the Gate to Your Duct

Preparing for Winter Air Duct Cleaning

While on the roof, carefully remove the gate of your duct with a screwdriver. Typically, you’ll need a flat-head, but some screws require a Phillips. Place the screws in a sealed plastic bag and stow in your pocket. Put the head of your gate to the side and lie down on the rooftop to take a look inside your ducts.

Do you see any buildup that should be removed before you bring in a professional cleaner? Remove that debris with gloved hands and store it in a plastic bag. Wipe the interior of the duct with a damp wash rag and dry it with paper towels.

Now take your gate and scrub it with a mild cleaner. This helps keep it operating well. Move along the length of your ducts and repair any breaks in the surface by adding plaster or putty to those areas. This will seal it and prevent dangerous leaks.

Get Help Today

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After performing this simple procedure, call our team to do a thorough cleaning before winter hits. At Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning we’re happy to provide a free estimate; we’ll perform the tough work once you’ve done a little bit of prep: (416) 896-4799.

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