Latest Duct Technology

Latest Duct TechnologyOne of the most common shapes of ducts is the round one or the rectangular one. The ducts are very useful when it comes to HVAC therefore its presence is really important. Because of this, technology has its way of improving what these ducts can offer and at present, technology has offered the market a new shape for duct and it is called the spiral duct.

Inventing this new type of duct will help improve the efficiency of your HVAC such as minimizing leakage and allowing efficient air movement on your HVAC. Aside from that, it is also cost effective because of its affordability and it can provide aesthetic asset once in place.

Spiral ducts on the other hand can also produce equal internal pressure making the airflows even and efficient. It also has a smooth interior that lessens the friction losses. Spiral ducts are specifically invented to be able to use less powerful and less expensive air moving units.

Since leakage is a major concern for air ducts, spiral shaped ducts are designed to address this problem on leakages. Its tight seal is a very well studied feature to make it more efficient in allowing the air to flow freely with less possibility of leakage.

The fact that it is less expensive to install and easier makes it on top of the other shaped ductworks. This has been dominating the construction industry and very common for buildings and in demand to the soon-to-rise establishments because of the overall features it can provide not just to the building but on the totality of the service it offer.

You can change your duct to spiral ducts by asking for professional help or you can do it on your won with the help of proper guidelines in installing it.

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