Keep Your Home Safe By Maintaining Your Dryer Vent Clean

Keep Your Home Safe By Maintaining Your Dryer Vent CleanIn our homes, we want to ensure that everything is in the right order and that our family is safe. Now, when we buy a product like dryer vent, do we exactly know what dangers this product could bring? We initially buy this product to make everyday living easier for our family especially that this is very useful to dry our clothes. Dryer vents attract lint that when it is left unkempt, it could cause fire in a household. Clogged dryer vents are considered to be one of the triggers of most home fires outrunning the chimney fires. This shouldn’t be neglected and should be taken into consideration for the safety of a household.

Cleaning the dryer vents once a year is highly recommended to every homeowner or more than once, if necessary. This is to speed up clothes drying, lessen the risk of fire, prevent lint from building up and help you save energy expenditure. This could be done by homeowners but, where the ducts are situated, the length of the vents and other circumstances would advise a skilled and trained dryer vent technician to do the task. It is suggested to clean the lint after drying each consignment of clothes. See to it that the ducts and dryer vents are taken cared well routinely. Check the back of the dryer where lint could continue building up and clean it. It would also help to keep the space near the dryer clean and away from household items.

Keep Your Home Safe By Maintaining Your Dryer Vent CleanWhen trying to clean a dryer vent, make sure the dryer is unplug. Next, you have to pull the dryer out. Of course, a dryer vent has nuts and bolts so you have to have a screwdriver to detach or loosen it up. After that, you can now take the vent off and reach into the hole and take some lint out. These processes are just preliminary and it takes knowledge to do them properly. A professional dryer vent cleaner is always of great help.

We at Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning have all the necessary tools and almost any dryer vent accessory to keep your dryer vents clean and functional. We are an accredited company who has been in the business for more than 10 years. We make sure that our work is done smoothly and that our customers have the best results. We can say that we are competent enough to take care of your dryer vent’s needs.

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