How to avoid Rust in your Ducts

Air ducts both for heating and cooling is important for the distribution of clean air inside your home. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to secure that air ducts are functioning well and at the same time free from rusting to avoid any inconveniences to your family especially when it comes to family’s health.

How to avoid Rust in your DuctsBut how does a duct rust? Basically, the main cause of duct rusting is the presence of moisture. Moisture creates a condensed air leading to droplets of water. When water is present on metals, which is commonly a material used in duct, the next thing to happen is that the metal absorbs the moisture and in return rust slowly. So how will you able to avoid moisture? You can say that keeping it away from the presence of water is effective but then, there might be instances that there will be leakages on your duct resulting to entry of external factors contributing to moisture such as the air outside and even the rain. It may also be that the air duct system is replaced by a new one but the duct per se is still the same. There might be problems during the installation causes moisture to enter the duct.

The intensity of the air cooling and heating system can also contribute to moisture. Put in mind that these two utilizes water therefore making them a factor for possible moisture build up. the oxygen level is also a big factor in it.

If you ever think of replacing your cooling system, make sure that you also include the whole duct system to ensure that rusting is very minimal to happen. Constant cleaning and check up of your cooling system can also help for early detection of possible rusting or any other problems with your duct.

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