How Do Air Ducts Work? A Property Owner’s Guide

Whether you own a single family home or a commercial property with tenants, your air duct function may not be in the forefront of your mind. The duct system in any structure serves a vital purpose; ignore ducts at your own financial peril. Here are the basics for any property owner to know about air duct systems.


When is the Right Time to Replace Air Ducts?

The way an air duct system works is relatively simple. The system provides HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air and Cooling) functions. Air enters the system through ducts (and is heated or cooled) and sent back out after it is cleaned through the intake and filter system. Filters need frequent changing, depending upon the system model and the air quality in your property. Dust, smoke, pets in the building, and other debris are factors.

Cost Benefits

The Benefits of a Clean Air Duct

If you rent property, hopefully someone else handles any air conditioning and heating issues. Responsible landlords often supply the duct filters and consider this “gift” to tenants a small investment to keep the system running efficiently. It also helps them avoid the costs of repairing or replacing a broken system. Occasionally cleaning the air ducts also provides a savings boon.


Duct Cleaning Kawarthas

If ducts are not regularly cleaned and become kinked or torn, there will not be proper insulation, nor will airflow cool or heat properly. This makes the system work harder. By not caring for air ducts you might unknowingly double your hydro bill.

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