Getting Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

Preparing your furnace for winter is an important task; remember to do some quick cleaning, then follow our other tips listed below.

  • Clean the debris that often builds up within filters and can obstruct the flow of air.
  • Clogged air filters should be replaced.
  • Clogged filters can result in a higher heating bill and possible home fires.

In addition to this basic advice it is important to remember a few other key things:

Getting Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

1. Switch from cooling to heating – Some homeowners fail to do this because they’re confused by newer, programmable thermostats. If you’re unsure how to change your system to “heating,” check your owner’s manual or look up the model information on the internet.

Getting Your Furnace Ready for the Winter

2. Check the Windows – As colder air comes in you’ll want to seal your home. Storm windows decrease the amount of heat escaping, or cold air entering in the winter. The reverse is true in warm climates/seasons. Storm windows provide a seal that acts as an extra layer of protection throughout the year.

A Clean Chimney and clean ducts enable an efficient home!

3. Inspect Your Chimney – Cleaning chimneys can be a forgotten late-summer task, especially if you don’t use the fireplace often. Many older homes may have a fireplace that is only used for display. Those who do use their fireplace should have the chimney cleaned yearly. A chimney inspector can tell you if the seal is allowing cold air to infiltrate the interior of your house.

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4. Call an Expert for Furnace Repair – It is difficult and dangerous to troubleshoot a faulty furnace. If a furnace seems to not be functioning correctly, an underlying problem could affect the entire heating system. Furnaces exhibiting strange sounds and smells also require expert attention.

By maximizing the efficiency of your furnace use, you can reduce energy costs and prevent the need for expensive repairs. Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning has the expertise to diagnose and fix your furnace issues. Heating, cooling and duct problems can magnify if not treated properly. Call us at (416) 896-4799.

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