Fire safety tips for your commercial kitchen

Fire safety tips for your commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen fire can happen at any time. There are ways to improve your chances of not having a fire. These tips can help you keep your kitchen safe.

1. Keep duct work clean. Having regular kitchen ventilation cleaning throughout your commercial kitchen area is the best way to ensure that your business has a greater chance of not having a fire. Even if you have a small kitchen fire, it is less likely to spread when you have regular cleanings.

2. Keep grease buildup to a minimum. Getting grease on your vents and other areas in your restaurant kitchen is inevitable, but with regular basic cleanups there is a better chance of keeping the grease buildup under control.

3. Keep clutter away from your stove areas. Anything that is combustible should not be anywhere near where food is cooked. Remind staff that things such as paper goods, cloth aprons or any other items that can easily catch fire should never be placed near the burners.

4. Make sure your kitchen has a proper working fire extinguisher and also your manual pull station is free of clutter parked in front of it. It’s important all staff in your place of business know where the extinguishers and the pull stations are in case of a fire.

5. Educating staff about proper safety rules for a commercial kitchen not only gives you peace of mind that they understand the dangers, but it also protects your staff from being in harm’s way. Teach each employee safety procedures in case of a fire. Have regular drills to make sure everyone understands the need for fire safety at all times.

6. Monthly overall inspections of the kitchen area should be a normal routine. Remove grease in the areas staff can reach. If it involves an intensive cleaning make sure a professional is scheduled.

7. Keep proper insurance papers, including pictures and logs of when you had your last kitchen ventilation cleaning completed. Underwriters can void a policy after a fire happens if they see you haven’t had a professional cleaning done on a regular timeline.

Fire safety tips for your commercial kitchen

Fire can spread rapidly in a kitchen that is full of grease buildup and can leave a business in ruins. Remember that fires have a better chance of being contained when your commercial kitchen is properly cleaned.

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Don’t be caught not doing regular kitchen ventilation cleaning. It could end in disaster.

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