Effectively Reduce Household Pollutants

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Based on various scientific findings, indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. This may be because homes today are more airtight to enhance energy efficiency. The pollution may also be attributed to comparatively higher levels of household pollutants released into indoor air by various processes and products. Certain household pollutants may be categorized into six main groups: paints and solvents, household cleaners, garden and lawn care, pool chemicals, automotive products, and beauty and health aid products.

Most of the household products in these categories release toxic chemicals into the air of a home. If the level of these pollutants is ignored, various health complications may arise among family members and/or harm the environment. Exposure to such chemicals may lead to respiratory complications like lung cancer and asthma. It is important to keep the a low number of household pollutants in your home.

Improve Ventilation

Effectively Reduce Household Polluta

Improving air circulation in the home can be very beneficial in lowering the levels of toxic chemicals in the air your breathe. Consider having air filters installed in your bedroom and regularly maintain and clean them. This usually should be done by a qualified professional. Ensure that the fresh-air intake vents in your home are positioned above the ground. Again, these should be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them in a proper working condition and continue supplying fresh air into your home.

Have the Household Furnishings Checked

Effectively Reduce Household Pollutants

Some household furnishings today contain formaldehyde and other organic compounds that can pollute indoor air. If you are shopping for new furniture, avoid materials such as particleboard because it often has a wood veneer finish. Instead, consider buying solid hardwood furniture. For asthma patients, it is advisable to avoid installing carpet or area rugs. If you do have them, always vacuum and clean regularly.

Keep Heating Systems Working Properly

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If fuel is not efficiently burnt, it can end up polluting the air in your home. Have your hot water heaters, gas ranges and burning furnaces maintained and repaired regularly to preserve them in good condition. Particularly, keep exhaust and intake systems for the heating systems in your home functioning properly. To lower the level of household pollutants, avoid using unvented gas heaters.

Installing carbon monoxide detectors, monitoring moisture levels and regulating the use of the products that fall into the various household pollutant categories mentioned above can help keep your air clean and breathable. Maintaining a constant circulation of clean and fresh air throughout your home is one of the best ways to reduce toxic gases and chemicals. Have your ventilation system maintained, cleaned and repaired by professionals like Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning service providers. Call us today, toll-free, on 1-800-679-7479 for expert duct cleaning service for your home.

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