Duct Cleaning Peterborough

Clean Ducts Promote A Health Environment

Why Keep Air Ducts Clean All the Time?

Ventilation is a vital health requirement mandated by environmental authorities. To achieve high-grade ventilation, air ducts are usually used. These ducts are the life breathers in the building be it a home or even a company. These ducts over time, however, accumulate with dust, scales, molds and rust. This alters the air quality these systems deliver to you.

With a compromised air quality the increased chances of diseases and chocking effects can be observed. Similarly a dirty duct system consumes more power to push air around and thereby incurring more cost in terms of electricity bills. It is therefore critical to clean the ducts.

Duct Cleaning Methods Used In Peterborough

Duct Cleaning Peterborough

Duct cleaning may depend on the actual physical location of the HVAC system. The methods that can be used for duct cleaning in Peterborough, for example, will vary from those in other places in Canada. Such methods include the use of power vacuum. In this method a powerful vacuum is generated by a truck and it sucks in all the dust from the vents. This method requires special skill to control amount of suction.

The use of steam air duct cleaning is a common practice. Steam at high pressure and temperature is fed into the ducts and it dissolves and drags along heavy dust particles. It acts as a disinfectant as well making your ducts safe without pathogens.

The other common technique is the direct contact cleaning method where each part is cleaned individually by direct scrubbing. This is by far the best method and it produces a perfect finish for your ducts. It is time consuming and a bit expensive. It is taken as last resort when the air vents are very dirty and cannot be easily cleaned by the other methods.

With all the methods above the cleaning process is similar. To fully clean the ducts some parts such as the air conditioner unit need to be cleaned. The ceiling registers also need to be thoroughly cleaned. The supply and the return vents are then cleaned. Additionally electrostatic filters may be fitted in the vents as well adding odor controllers.

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