Duct Cleaning Industry Memberships

Getting Rid of Dirty Air Ducts - Dial One Duct CleaningThis blog is about my industry memberships. It’s a hard thing to try to give my customers the hard facts about being a member when selling a job. These memberships and training seminars we pay for are almost comical.
Recently I went to my first membership convention. I was gung-ho,pumped if you will!! Hotel booked. Flights paid. I’m off to be a part of something good!

Well when I got there. There was a series of “training” seminars I attended. This training provided was a joke. Anybody, I mean anybody could write these open book,multiple choice tests. I spent all of 13 minutes writing this test to get my upgraded certification. I left this meet feeling $3000 lighter in my wallet with no more knowledge then I came with. Although I have a cool little acronym after my name on my business card!! Means nothing!!

When choosing a contractor. Look at the history. Online. Ask for references. Use a variety of search avenues .. The experience level is vital to a quality job. The way the contractor handles your issues and questions before and after the job is performed.

I’m here to provide you the best possible service and work for a fair dollar. We live and breathe this stuff sometimes literally(dust) lol. If your upset or concerned about our work Believe me when I say this. We take it home. Myself, my workers we will feel ill till we prove to you that we are here for your best interest. Passion!!

Anyways I’m rambling!!! Thanks for reading what goes through my head.

Joe (owner-sometimes operator-accountant -reception- mechanic-dad-husband) oh I almost forgot (ASCS -vsmr). Whatever that means?

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