Discover how a Professional Air Duct Cleaning Co. Makes your Home Better!

There is a growing concern about the air quality in our homes so the importance of having clean ducts and the maintenance of your HVAC unit is crucial. A good air cleaning company will clean not only your ducts but also many parts of your HVAC unit. Specifically, the air handler, grilles, fans, registers, housings, coils and motors.

Another benefit of professional duct cleaning is the efficient use and possibly prolonged life of your HVAC unit for not working harder than it needs to when delivering the air to your home.

Tips on How to ensure a Prolonged Life for your Flexible Heating Duct

If you want to be sure your home is clean and pure you could choose to do professional duct cleaning as a part of the regular maintenance on your home. We all know that for many people while they may be interested it just might not ever make the top of the priority list.

However, there are some reasons it may be even more important to call a professional air cleaning company. For example, if something is going on out of the ordinary like:


If the home has been renovated recently, especially with possible asbestos being involved or eradicated, you definitely want to make sure that none of that is left inside your ducts and pushed out into your family’s air supply. Drywall dust is also a concern and will make your house extra dusty and could cause a problem with people who suffer from health issues like breathing problems or asthma.


If you can see mold inside the ducts they definitely need to be cleaned out by a professional. Mold can also be a health concern, or cause a musty odor.


If you find any animal nests or infestations you want to rid your ducts of the animals and then clean the ducts thoroughly.


If you notice hair, an unpleasant smell, or dirt that you can see coming out of the supply ducts after they are vacuumed and cleaned as far in as you can reach, then the ducts need cleaned.

Illness of a household member

Breathing Clean Air Indoors

If someone in your family is suffering from an unexplained illness, or breathing problems, you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned to see if having a clean HVAC unit and ducts makes the difference and restores the health of the affected person. If they get better than you know the ducts were contaminated.

As you can see there are many reasons calling an air duct cleaning company may be necessary. It is important when shopping for air duct cleaning that you call a company who is reputable and who can do the job right and for a fair price. Make sure you get an upfront estimate of price and how long it takes to get the job completed. Make sure you use caution that whoever you contract to do the job offers a complete visual inspection of the air ducts and HVAC unit in person or by a remote camera. You want to ensure you got what you paid for. Also, avoid sealants and sprays because using more chemicals can cause more harm than good to the air in your home. Also, avoid companies that use steam to clean the ducts as moisture of any kind should not be used inside the air ducts, because of the risk of growing bacteria or mold.

If you are looking for a company in Canada that offers professional duct cleaning services you can reach Dial One Duct Cleaning Services at 416-896-4799.

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