Common Air Duct Problems

Air ducts channels the heat from any heating system out of it and it may also carry cool air into rooms. An air duct is composed of sheet metal. It is usually a part of a ventilation system. The location of the air ducts makes it hard for maintenance and may lead to common air duct problems:

1. Leakage in the Ductwork. When there is leakage, there is increase in the workload of the heating and cooling system. Thus, there is more energy needed, leading to increased amount of electricity consumed. With this, you pay more but you are not actually able to use the system efficiently. Another effect of the leakage is that it allows more pollutants and dirt to enter into your home, building and particularly into the system which may be contained for a long time until they block certain parts and may lead to improper functioning of the ventilation system. Having this complication, you may need to change everything and buy a new one and it will be a financial burden on your part.

2. The registers and grills are not well-sealed. When this happens, there is a big possibility that the air that is supposed to go to your room or building may escape through the loosely sealed registers and grills. There will be more effort needed from the system to make up for the lost air.

3. Not fully insulated or not at all insulated air ducts. The insulation of the air ducts actually prevents losses of temperature-controlled air through the surface of your air ducts.

4. Air ducts that are dirty. Air ducts filter the pollutants from the outside. Thus, they trap more dirt and if you don’t clean them, the filtered dirt will recirculate to your home. The air delivered to your home is dirty. The dirt can also block your system increasing the workload of the system and energy used.

5. Duct systems that are not properly designed. This may lead to improper functioning and may not effectively circulate the air in your system.

6. Twisted air ducts. Any twist, kink, or torn air ducts may pose restriction to the circulation of the air and may not properly circulate air within the system which brings back to the basic problem of making the system work harder.

These are the common problems with air ducts and one tip to avoid them is to properly maintain it clean and functioning well.

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