How Can a Clean Dryer Vent Prevent Fire Accidents?

How Can a Clean Dryer Vent Prevent Fire Accidents?Do you know that you may own a certain appliance at home that can be a source of fire when not checked and maintained regularly? That is how a dryer vent can cause with its improper use and neglect. When lints build up in the dryer, it can cause a blockage of the air flow within the exhaust system, which can then result to a heat build up or motor overheating, thus causing the source of fire and accidents. When used incorrectly, this can also give you an increase in your energy bills. That is why, dryer vents should not be taken for granted and maintaining the cleanliness and function of the machine should be given a high regard.

The usual signs that there is lint buildup in your dryer vent are when your clothes is taking much time to dry than just one cycle alone. You can inspect the exterior vent upon using the dryer. Supposedly, flaps should be moving that can create an air flow. But upon checking, when you don’t see any signs of moving flaps or you cannot feel any air, then your dryer is a sure candidate for a cleanup. Check also for any lints on the floor around the dryer as this can also be an indication.

How Can a Clean Dryer Vent Prevent Fire Accidents?Right now, there are a number of products that can be bought in order for you to use when cleaning your dryer vents by yourself. Mostly, these products contain brushes with rods that are attached to a hand held drill. But these products can not satisfactorily clear out all the lints especially on hard to reach and delicate areas of the machines, so there is no assurance that the machine is free from causing fires. That is why, the need to call a professional dryer vent cleaner is the best thing and intelligent way to do. Not only that, these professionals can also check if there are any loose or disconnected vents in the process of cleaning. Dryer vent specialist have the necessary equipment used for cleaning that your dryer vent requires. So you can be certain that at the end of the cleaning service, your dryer vent is free of any lint accumulation.

How Can a Clean Dryer Vent Prevent Fire Accidents?Here at Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning, we assure a scrupulous dryer vent check-up and cleaning in order for every dryer machine owner to be safe from any accident that this particular unit can cause. For nearly 15 years in service, our works go beyond every expectation and we guarantee customer satisfaction. We also offer dryer cleaning in suburban areas, so wherever you are, we are gladly able to aid you with your dryer vent cleaning and maintenance.

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