Bathroom Vent Cleaning Maintenance Tips

Bathroom vents serve an important purpose in the home. Bathroom vents control moisture, remove airborne smells and pollutants, as well as prevent mold and mildew. To make sure vents are working in good condition, always check and test them every six months.

Here are some tools you might need for a DIY cleaning:

1. Step ladderBathroom Vent Cleaning Maintenance Tips

2. Duster or a vacuum cleaner

3. Old rags

4. Warm, soapy water

5. Dry rags

6. Newspaper to cover the floorBathroom Vent Cleaning Maintenance Tips

7. Cap to cover your hair

Simple steps:

1. Flip the circuit breaker. Bathroom Vent Cleaning Maintenance TipsAlways turn off the power before attempting to clean your bathroom vent.

2. Remove the grill cover from the vent. Most vent fan covers have a spring on each side. Gently pull the cover down.

3. Wash the cover with mild detergent and warm water.

4. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove dirt and debris from the inside the housing. Be careful not to damage the fan. Use the vacuum cleaner attachment to get to the hard-to-reach areas. Remove dirt from the motor.

5. Squeeze metal springs together and put the vent cover back on. Make sure that the cover is dry before putting it back on.

6. Turn on circuit breaker and switch the vent fan on as well.

7. To test, put a tissue over the fan. If the tissue gets drawn in, the vent is working perfectly. Turn the fan off and remove the tissue.

8. Make it a habit of drying the bathroom properly every time after cleaning it.

The proper maintenance of a bathroom is often overlooked. If done regularly and properly, maintenance ensures that the fan operates quietly and efficiently. It also increases the fan’s lifespan, improves indoor air quality and keeps the fan attractive.

When bathroom vents are not installed properly, humid air can be discharged improperly into the attic. This can lead to either water infiltration or get in the way of proper flow of the exhaust fan. When in doubt, always consult professionals about proper installation as well as cleaning and maintenance.

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