Dirty Duct Details: Why Bad Ducts Hurt Workers

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Do you know duct cleaning keeps your workplace safe and healthy? Chances are, a lot of people don’t really take time to think about it. The truth of the matter is that ducts that have not been cleaned in quite some time can produce a number of potential health hazards to the people working inside a building. These problems can range from a minor nuisance to serious and sometimes long-lasting health concerns. As an employee you have a right to know how the cleanliness of the ductwork in your office or place of business affects your overall health. It is important to realize the potential problems associated with dirty ductwork and why it is so important to keep the air clean for better health.

Potential Problems Associated With Dirty Ductwork

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Do you notice a dank, moldy smell coming from certain parts of the building — or when the ductwork is operating, you feel the need to sneeze (or worse yet) like you have a bad cold? These types of symptoms usually indicate a problem with the ductwork. More often than not these signs show that it is well beyond the time for the ductwork to be cleaned.

A number of pollutants are being put into the air every time air is blown through the ducts. Why does this matter? There are a number of potential problems associated with dirty ductwork in the workplace. If you have allergies, they can be exacerbated by the pollutants that are being blown about. Even if you don’t have allergies, pollutants can aggravate sensitive nasal membranes and sinus cavities, making you feel like you have a cold that just won’t go away. For people that have breathing issues, the problems become even worse.

Keeping the Air Clean for Better Health

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If you suspect that the ductwork in your place of work has not been cleaned in some time, what should you do? You need a professional company to remedy the situation. It is important that only a qualified group do this work, often because it involves specialized tools and techniques that are designed to clean the ductwork without allowing dangerous air particles loose into the building for everyone to breathe. When the ductwork is properly cleaned and maintained, you might notice that you feel better, you have more energy, and you don’t feel like you’re constantly fighting a cold or allergies. Maybe you sneeze less and you have fewer headaches — or maybe your eyes are less irritated. All of these things allow you to focus more on the job at hand, instead of feeling poorly every time you go to work.

The next time you realize the air you’re breathing might be compromised, don’t try to simply make the best of it. Contact us at Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning so we can immediately figure out what is going on. Please call (416) 896-4799. You deserve a healthy working environment.

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