What to Ask When Looking for HVAC Service

When hiring HVAC service, there are four things to keep in mind to get the best professional for the job:

Keeping your Air Cooling and Heating System Safe with your Duct

  1. Inquire about “contractor requirements.” In most areas, HVAC workers are required to have two to five years of training. Proper training is important for both the installer and the homeowner. Properly trained HVAC technicians understand how ventilation and exhaust systems work, and can prevent injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  2. Is your HVAC installer licensed? What types of licenses do they hold? Some HVAC work may require additional installations to supply natural gas or oil to heating equipment. Make sure the specialist you hire is fully licensed for all the work you need done.
  3. Is your HVAC technician Insured and Bonded? Professionals who do work in a home should carry liability insurance to protect against accidental damage that may occur.
  4. Does the HVAC company offer service contracts? Many homeowners find peace of mind with routine service performed on their units, in addition to duct cleaning. As with all contracts, make sure you read the fine print and know exactly what is included. There are different types of duct cleaning services; you might have the furnace and air ducts cleaned, but the dryer vent is ignored. Proper cleaning can reduce the amount of dust that flows through the vents, help maintain a properly working furnace, and reduce the risk of dryer fires caused by lint buildup.

Benefits of HVAC Cleaning: Clean Ducts Help Improve Quality of Life

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