Air Vents in Different Forms

Air Vents in Different FormsAir vents’ primarily role is to circulate air by taking away the hot and attracting the cold air. Each house needs to have their own air vents to keep clean air inside your homes.

Air vents come in different types and can be places in different locations in your homes. Some of the popular vents that you might even have at home are those that you find in your bathrooms and kitchen. But air vents have also developed to be more effective to homes by upgrading its features and sizes.

Roof-mounted power attic vent – if you have attics at home, this is the most appropriate type of air vent to be installed. This is an electric-powered vent that has a control on the thermostat and humidstat in your attic.

Vented drip edge – for homes with little areas, this type of air vent is used. This vent combines venting with a drip edge.

Multi-pitch filter vent – this type of vent is installed on the peak of the roof to allow ventilation on the entire roofline. This can give you a perfect performance on ventilation.

Foundation vent – this is located on the bottom of your home which is the entire foundation. This type of vent can help eliminate or minimize moisture inside your home and eventually prevent termites and rot in your home.

Roof louvers – this is for the purpose of ventilation in your attic. Air can easily circulate in and out in your attic because of its covered openings.

Wall louvers – on the other hand, this vent is installed on the walls of the attic but provides the same function just like the roof louvers.

Choosing the right air vent for your home depends on the design of your home. Your architect can help you decide what type of vent to use.

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