Can Your Air Ducts Make the Cut?

With warm weather fast approaching, you’ve probably already done some spring cleaning. From scrubbing the floors to swapping out sweaters for T-shirts, you’ve covered all the bases, or have you?

Many people are still unware of the dangerous side effects that can occur with dirty air ducts. The ductwork throughout your home is responsible for filtering and transporting what should be fresh air, but if you air ducts haven’t been cleaned, it’s possible that you are inhaling all of the debris into your lungs.

Many different types of respiratory illnesses can arise when the air ducts are dirty. Educating yourself about the potential health risks from dirty air ducts can help you improve the overall quality of air within your home.

Allergy Alert

Can Your Air Ducts Make the Cut?

Regardless of the season, allergies wreak havoc on the lives of allergy sufferers. Pollen is heaviest during the spring and early autumn months, which means you ductwork is doing double duty to keep the air fresh and clean. Without proper maintenance, allergens are filtered through the AC system, into the ductwork and then land on the surfaces throughout your home. People who have never suffered allergies before may begin to experience allergy-like symptoms merely due to the buildup in your air ducts.

Respiratory Issues

Can Your Air Ducts Make the Cut?

Mold spores, dust and mold accumulate in your ductwork over time, and with every air conditioning cycle is blown throughout your home. Without regular cleaning, allergy suffers and even individuals who don’t have allergies, may begin to experience respiratory symptoms such as stuffy nose, sore throat and itchy, watery eyes. This is particularly dangerous for people who already have a known history of allergies and asthma since it’s a known fact that allergies can prompt an asthma attack.

Poor Air Quality

dirty ducts

Even in the cleanest of homes, dirty air ducts lead to poor air quality. The air may contain dirt, dust or other particulate matter that can get trapped in respiratory airways and cause sinus infections and upper respiratory infections. If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, Dial One Duct Cleaning of Toronto can give you the peace of mind you want. Dial One Duct Cleaning has been helping keep families healthy and happy by providing top-notch duct cleaning services for years.

Advantages of Clean Ducts

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The air ducts in your home function similar to a circulatory system. The ducts move the air from the heart of your cooling system through a series of channels within your home. By keeping your air ducts clean, you will reap the rewards of:

  • Fresh, purified air throughout your home.
  • Elimination of foul odors due to dirty air ducts.
  • Your AC will work at peak efficiency.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your last checkup, give us a call today at Dial One Duct Cleaning at (416) 896-4799.

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