Have Your Air Ducts Checked Before Winter Hits

Have Your Air Ducts Checked Before Winter Hits

Did you know that when children breathe dirty, polluted air they’re much more likely than adults to react to it? When a child is exposed to polluted air, they breathe harder and faster to get in oxygen. Because their respiratory systems are smaller, pollutants have a stronger effect on them. Also, because they are shorter and closer to the ground (where there is a higher concentration of pollutants), they inhale more bad stuff.

Recent Studies Suggests ER Visits Contribute to Polluted Air

Have Your Air Ducts Checked Before Winter Hits

Recently, the top reason for children to visit an emergency room was common symptoms related to asthma, colds and flu. Many of the children seen in emergency rooms for this reason are under the age of ten. Several of these symptoms could be prevented with proper home duct cleaning.

Most people who have asthma attacks or have an onset of allergies will do so because of a buildup of bacteria or fungi in the air. If your duct work has not been cleaned recently, there’s likely a buildup of fungus that can be triggering asthma and allergies.

Failing Systems

dirty ducts

Many of your heating and cooling defaults kick in when the system is not running at its full potential. A cooling system will not work properly when there is a buildup of dust and dirt in the system. Heating systems are the same. If you have a buildup of dust and dirt there is a risk of system failure and fire. Regular maintenance can prevent these problems and save money on hydro.

Who Reacts to Dirty Air

Breathing Clean Air Indoors

People who are more likely to react to pollutants are: the elderly, babies and children, those with compromised immune systems, and people with allergies.

A millimeter of dirt located on the heating and cooling coil alone can decrease the amount of work a system does by nearly 21%. A standard fiberglass filter will only actually filter around 10% of the dust, dirt and bacteria found in the air. This includes pollen.

Whether sleeping, cooking, watching TV or reading, more than half of our time is spent inside our homes. If your duct system is not cleaned and cared for, you’re putting yourself and your loved ones at risk.

Call Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning today at (416) 896-4799. We are concerned for the health of your lungs. Let us inspect your system so you can breathe easy.

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