Air Duct Details: How They Work

Duct cleaning involves a lot more than eliminating fire hazards from public buildings. A growing number of property owners understand that ducts run throughout the interiors of most offices and residential units. Learning more about these structures helps anyone concerned about maintaining safe, comfortable work and home environments throughout the year.

Importance of Air Ducts

Why Keep Air Ducts Clean All the Time?

A centralized heating and cooling system relies upon well-designed ducts to draw stale air out through vents in the room and re-circulate clean, warmed or cooled air back into the living environment. Much like the alveoli in a human lung, ductwork in a building helps ensure that everyone within an enclosed room breathes and benefits from the infusion of clean, comfortable fresh air.

Interior Ducts

When is the Right Time to Replace Air Ducts?

The interior air duct, connected to a centralized heating and cooling system, must transport massive quantities of air during the course of its daily operation. Ducts form a series of hidden, narrow passages buried deep within the structure of the building. Installed within walls, above ceilings or, in some cases, beneath floors, ducts operate quietly in the background. Most people are never aware of this important function, unless a something breaks down in the HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) system.

A typical vent contains a grille system to help keep the adjoining interior duct free from visible dust and debris accumulation. As the CA-CH (Central Air-Central Heat) system functions, small deposits of dust settle from the blowing air and fall onto metal surfaces of the narrow air ducts located deep within a home or office building.

Specialized Cleaning Tools

How a Duct Booster Fan Can Help Your HVAC System

Usually over time, a visible quantity of grime develops in these hidden locations. These accumulations may eventually degrade the air quality within adjoining rooms. To keep the premises as clean and odor-free as possible, property owners need to seek the services of companies specializing in duct cleaning.

Duct-cleaning firms possess the equipment and tools required to successfully remove accumulated grime and allergens from interior ducts. Although people cleaning homes and businesses can assist this process by always vacuuming around vents and grilles, even with the use of attachments the typical vacuum cleaner or commercial rug cleaning machine won’t reach deeply enough within narrow ducts to remove built-up dirt deposits.

Further Information


Given the importance of air ducts to the smooth operation of Central Air-Central Heat (CA-CH) systems in Canada, property owners need to learn as much as they can about these important structures. Maintaining clean, sanitary air ducts in a home or office building is vital for the health of those who live or work there. To learn more about air duct cleaning services call us at (416)896-4799.

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