Air Duct Cleaning Services in North York

Do Your Ducts Need Cleaning?

It’s no secret that indoor air pollution is a major problem. Not only is it unpleasant to live and work in, it contributes to chronic health issues like “sick building syndrome.” This can take a toll on employees’ health and efficiency, potentially costing employers thousands every year in lost productivity.

Clean ducts aren’t just a problem for businesses, either. Homes regularly need air duct cleaning in North York, too. Accumulated dust, debris, pollen, animal dander, and other particulates can end up re-circulating throughout homes, exacerbating chronic health conditions like allergies and asthma. Not only is this unpleasant (and potentially dangerous) for the occupants of a building, it can end up driving up heating, cooling, and even cleaning costs.

Air Filters Aren’t Foolproof Protection

While any good HVAC system will be equipped with an air filter, those filters aren’t capable of catching all pollutants. This means that mold spores, pollen granules, and other particles can pass through and build up in ducts. Mold spores present a particularly difficult problem– since they need humidity and food to thrive, dirty ducts can end up creating the ideal conditions for toxic mold to grow.

Dirty Ducts Are Inefficient Ducts

dirty ducts

Ducts, vents, and other HVAC components that are heavily coated with dust and grime aren’t able to properly circulate air. This means that ventilation will be compromised, and it may end up taking an HVAC system longer to heat or cool a space. Regular air duct cleaning in North York ensures that ducts are able to help move air efficiently, thereby reducing energy costs.

Dirty Homes May Come From Dirty Ducts

When ducts are covered in dust, loose particles are discharged with air flow. As a result, surfaces and furniture can become dusty and grimy faster than they would in a building with clean ducts. Operating HVAC systems with dirty ducts leads to dusty furniture, wasted energy, and a higher expenditure of energy and effort to keep everything tidy.

Trust Highly Rated Professionals for Air Duct Cleaning in North York

Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning knows how to make old, dirty ducts work like new. Don’t make your employees or loved ones spend another day in dusty, unhealthy air– call us at (416) 896-4799, Monday through Friday, to have your ducts cleaned by the best professionals in the North York area.