Air Duct Cleaning Methods

Air duct cleaning methods have improved the quality and safety of the process over the years. If you are considering having your air ducts at home or at work cleaned, here are a few things you need to know.

The cleaning process generally consists of four steps. Not all duct cleaners may follow the steps in order but you should be able to ask them if they do these:

1. The air handler or furnace is the main part of your air duct system. The furnace receives the air and distributes it in your home. Depending on the season, the furnace heats or cools the air that it distributes.

Air Duct Cleaning MethodsBecause the furnace receives the air, it should be thoroughly cleaned. If it is not cleaned and decontaminated, there is a higher risk that the air going through your ducts will also be contaminated.

2. The grills attached to the air duct openings are called vent registers. They should also be cleaned and decontaminated. It is fairly easy to remove them and to clean them using water and a cleaning agent.

3. The inner part of the air ducts should be cleaned and decontaminated. There are different ways to do this.Air Duct Cleaning Methods

a. Contact cleaning involves the use of an air duct cleaning machine with a long hose and powered brush that rotates. Dust and other materials that stick to the air ducts will be removed by the rotating brush and get collected at the end of the hose.

b. Push-pull cleaning involves attaching a negative air machine to one side of the vent and closing off the other vents to create negative power pressure. The ducts will be cleaned using an air powered tool. Alternatively, this process may also be called negative air cleaning.

4. The last step involves applying a deodorizer and sealer. This will help give your air ducts a fresh and clean smell. This will also remove other odors that may have developed over the years of use.

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