4 Ways Air Duct Cleaning Improves Your Health

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One of the biggest causes of indoor air pollution at home or work is a poorly maintained air duct system that should be pumping fresh, clean healthy air into your enclosed atmosphere. Over time these air ducts will collect dust, pet debris, tobacco smoke, mold or even things as harmful as lead, radon or asbestos. Without a proper cleaning of your air ducts many of these issues can exist in your enclosed environment and endanger your health and the health of your loved ones. Here are four ways that cleaning your air ducts can improve your health and wellness.

Improve Respiratory Problems

If someone in your life suffers from a respiratory illness the pollutants in the air of your home can make these problems more troublesome. Allergies, COPD, or asthma can be triggered by poor air quality in the home or workplace. This may lead to symptoms of congestion, wheezing, sore throat, coughing or fatigue. Cleaning air ducts is the best preventive medicine a person can take to improve respiratory problems and limit the onset of symptoms. Proper air duct cleaning ensures that the type of air flowing into our homes and offices is of the highest quality and will not harm anyone or make their life more difficult. Getting rid of the buildup of dust, dirt and unhealthy substances in your air ducts will allow for improvement in respiratory problems.

Avoid New Health Issues

Breathing Clean Air Indoors

When air ducts are not cleaned regularly, not only are those with existing issues in danger but those with healthy lungs and no problems are in significant danger. A person breathing in allergens or carbon monoxide may cause healthy bodies to develop issues with their lungs. The longer a susceptible person, especially a child, is exposed to these unhealthy things the greater the chance of suffering damage to the respiratory system and developing asthma. Making sure that air ducts are cleaned regularly will help keep a person from developing a health issue.

Stop Mold Development

Another great health benefit of cleaning your air ducts regularly is to decrease the chance of mold growing in your home. There are few things that can cause significant health issues like mold can. Cleaning your air ducts will eliminate any chance that mold will grow inside of the duct and emit unhealthy toxins into the air to the detriment of all people who are breathing the air. When air ducts aren’t clean the air produced may lead to the development of mold in other locations inside your home. Clean air ducts can rid your home of this dangerous, unhealthy problem.

Volatile Organic Compounds Controlled

Many homes can be harmed by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being emitted from the air systems of a home or office. These substances can get into a dirty air duct and emit a dangerous compound that affect a person’s health in either the short or long-term. Consistent air duct cleaning will allow for all of these chemicals to be eliminated from your life and give your home the freshest air possible and allow your family to be as healthy as possible.

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