Residential Duct Cleaning

When it comes to residential duct cleaning in Toronto, we have a simple philosophy: to treat every home we enter as if it were our own, and every customer as if they were a member of our family.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Getting quality commercial duct cleaning in Toronto is not just a luxury for your business. In fact, not only can it help you keep your workplace safe and healthy, but it can even make...

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Furnace Duct Cleaning

Dial One Duct Cleaning delivers Toronto ON customers the highest quality Furnace Duct Cleaning products and services. Our experts specializes in Duct Cleaning Specialists, Industrial Duct Cleaning....

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Where do you go for the Best Duct Cleaning across Toronto?

Getting quality commercial duct cleaning in Toronto is not just a luxury for your business. In fact, not only can it help you keep your workplace safe and healthy, but it can even make your company more profitable. That is why Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning™ has a team of specialists that can operate virtually anywhere, from small commercial spaces to large manufacturing structures with extensive HVAC equipment. And best of all, we offer our quality commercial duct cleaning services throughout Toronto area, from downtown all the way into the suburbs, including commercial duct cleaning in Mississauga and Oshawa.

We have worked with offices, hospitals, schools, retail locations, and even government facilities throughout Southern Ontario; probably because smart business owners and building managers know that using reliable Toronto commercial air duct cleaning services can be good for any business.

In fact, here are just a few of the benefits of our commercial duct cleaning services:

  • Higher productivity and fewer illnesses amongst your staff
  • Improved energy efficiency that saves you money every month
  • Lower risk of fire and problems with pests
  • A team of highly-trained specialists that can clean commercial ducts and assess problems
  • Prompt customer service and affordable rates

The most-trusted commercial duct cleaning across Toronto

There are dozens of companies to call for commercial duct cleaning throughtout Toronto, so why work with us? We could point to our competitive prices, the fact that we use some of the industry's most advanced equipment and cleaning agents, or our friendly and courteous staff. But rather than ask you to take our word for it, we would like to have you see what our customers say about Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning™. You can see all of our reviews – and our nearly perfect rating – at the website by clicking this link. We are proud to say that our customers recommend us to their friends and colleagues time and time again.

Commercial duct cleaning in Mississauga and Oshawa

Are you a business owner or building manager who needs commercial duct cleaning in Toronto, but has an office or facility that is not downtown? That is no problem, because Dial One works with businesses across the greater Toronto area. Just give our office a call and we will be happy to schedule a visit. It will not take you long to find out why our duct cleaning specialists have become well known throughout Southern Ontario. Weather you need to make your home, office, or other building safer and more efficient, our team is standing by to give you the help and answers you need.

You do not have to look any further for a high-quality commercial duct cleaning service in Toronto – or GTA, including Mississauga and Oshawa – when you could just call Dial One Duct Cleaning at 1800-679-7479 today!

9 Years on HOMESTARS!!

Dial One Professional Duct Cleaning

We are celebrating 9 years on Homestars!

In addition to that your still getting REAL DIESEL POWERED DUCT CLEANING TRUCKS. Not PORTABLE units(which use your electricity and have no suction) Also we are NADCA certified but whats more important then being able to write a test. Our techs have a Min of 5 years ranging experience up to 20 years.

Also we do have robotic duct cleaning for commercial and residential jobs although there is a additional fee and booking time is involved